Feng Shui Dieting Focuses on Quality Foods and not Dieting


Feng Shui is the art and science of external and internal factors that generate positive energy, and that positive energy can certainly relate to the food you eat. I want to share a story that made me realize how most of us have a sad relationship when it comes to food and eating.
I spoke to dear friend of mine who I had not spoken to in a while and we talked about everything. But at the point she was going over her health issues I asked her about her diet. I was sensing she was not eating well. It hit me I have had the same philosophy for the longest time. When she told me she had quit her diet while visiting family and had to begin dieting again.  Diet after diet in an attempt to lose weight, we do not focus on eating and getting healthy, but just eating to lose weight and this is the trap my friend was stuck in.
Let’s face it in America; we follow one fad diet after another. But the secret which is no secret at all is we need to eat better. The best example of healthy eating is that of the Mediterranean region. Fresh produce, whole grains, olive oil, fish, lean meats and very little sugar is eaten.
Training the palate to savor fresh and wholesome foods is key, and your body will thank you for it. Processed and fast foods, sodas, artificial sweeteners and sugar keep you overweight and unhealthy. It is cheap, artificial and ordinary. Taking time to create dishes made from wholesome ingredients can take you to another level of well-being and will promote a healthier lifestyle without going crazy counting calories.
A body that is fed nutritious food will receive what it needs and will not always feel hungry because eating empty calories fills your stomach up and does not nourish your body.
Here are some tips that can help you along to your ideal weight and feeling healthier –
  1. Switch to blue plates to slow down your eating. Blue represents the water element and slows down your pulse and calms the senses.
  2. Keep a clean kitchen, clutter promotes more eating.
  3. Clear your closets of old clothes that do not fit you or that are worn and outdated. Make room for new things as you shed the pounds and envision a healthier image.
  4. Eat at a table that is set for eating. Place fresh flowers, pretty dishes, etc., do not sit in front of your computer or television. Forget your cell phone as well.
  5. Walk; swim, make time to be active whenever possible.
  6. Purchase a full length mirror to see what you really look like. A lot of people only look at themselves from the waist up when they get ready. The world sees all of you and you should see what they’re seeing.
I hope this information helps and remember it is not so much how much food you eat, but what kind of food you are eating.


Feng Shui for better Sex and a Stronger Relationship in the Bedroom

Feng Shui Romantic Bedroom

Feng Shui is the Chinese philosophy and practice of balancing one’s life with your surroundings. Your body, your thoughts and possessions such as furniture, knick knacks, scents and even your clothing can emit energy and psychological responses.

In designing a space and tackling the concept of what you are trying to achieve, your intent is also a powerful tool. Allow in your mind to project want you need and want in your space. Be open to positive outcomes and begin creating with your thoughts the love and relationship your desire.

In Feng Shui, the best sex you will ever have is when you are truly in love with your partner. It brings the intimacy to another level and more positive energy into your life in general. A great place to establish a solid and romantic energy is in your bedroom.

There are a few basic rules to follow for an enhanced romantic lifestyle in the bedroom. Here are a few tips that improve your romantic relationship and keeps your love alive.

In Feng Shui, it is about the balancing of yin (female energy) and yang (male energy). Before you begin to incorporate these tips, take a look and check if there is enough open space on either side of your bed which in essence generates a balanced relationship. There should be an even distribution on either side of your bedroom furnishings, accessories, etc.

Here are some basic Feng Shui tips to follow:

First Tip – throw out clutter, the chi (energy) should be free flowing. Get rid of bags, boxes, visible dirty laundry, piles of paper, especially storage under the bed.

Second Tip – keep your bed linens and room fresh and smelling nice. Buy good quality linens, the best you can afford. Scent them with Patchouli, Musk or Sandalwood. Use fragrance throughout the bedroom as well. Use a diffuser that gently emits oils that nourish, relax or stimulate the senses. Do not overdo the fragrance, keep the air always clean by opening windows and keeping the temperature comfortable.

Also, fresh flowers are a must in any bedroom.

Third Tip – put away family pictures, only display romantic images and pictures of you with your partner. Vacation trips, your wedding or time together will enhance the union and relationship.

Fourth Tip – use soft and muted colors to decorate such as browns, grays, lavender, soft blues, subtle greens and pink. The bedroom is more of a yin space, meaning it should feel comforting, warm and seductive.

Red can be used and it is a powerful and auspicious color in Feng Shui. Red sheets will add heat to love making. Do not use red all of time it can be overwhelming and make it difficult to fall asleep.

Fifth Tip – take a warm bath or shower before love making, use oils to massage your partner and relax.

Sixth Tip – use candles to highlight and provide softness to the room and enhance your physical features. There is a sensual appeal to a room that is lit using candles. Use white, pink and red – to cast a glow of romance over the room. Fragrance candles can be utilized as well.

Seventh Tip – do not hang a mirror anywhere that reflects your bed and yourselves in it while love making. It throws off the energy between lovers and in Feng Shui there is a belief the image reflects more people in bed, projecting infidelity.

Eighth Tip – get rid of unnecessary electronics. Keep the television if you have one in the bedroom in a closed cabinet. A small cd player or radio for music is encouraged.  Music is a wonderful way to move the energy of your bedroom towards lovemaking. It doesn’t matter if you listen to Bach or Barry White. Just find music that soothes and seduces.

Ninth Tip – make your bed the focal point of the room. Avoid placing the head of the bed in front of a window; if you don’t have any choice, use a substantial headboard that protects you, shelters and provides comfort from energy that is coming in from the outside. The bed should be placed so you can see the bed as you walk in. Avoid directly aligning the mattress to the doorway; it is considered a bad omen. 

Tenth Tip – decorate in twos when it makes sense and make the arrangements of equal proportions, two night tables, two lamps, etc. This includes pictures of lovers embracing, two candles and so forth.

Eleventh Tip – Ceiling fans generate cutting and angry chi – certainly not a good thing to have coming at you in the center of your love making. This also includes anything that is hanging over your bed such as a beam or chandelier.Hang a round, clear and faceted crystal – from the bottom of the fan.

These simple tips can heighten your romance and love making in the bedroom and strengthen your relationship. The energy in the bedroom should not be shared with other tasks and thoughts such as on how you make a living, pay your bills or watch the television to check the latest news. Your bedroom is a retreat, a special place that is your haven and can be your heaven on earth.  Use Feng Shui for better sex and to create a stronger relationship in the bedroom.